Some of the more commonly asked questions are answered here. Choose from the list of grounds or areas below.

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About Discrimination

  • When is discrimination unlawful?

  • What is direct discrimination?

  • What is indirect discrimination?

  • What are "special measures intended to achieve equality"?

  • What factors are taken into account when deciding what constitutes 'unjustifiable hardship'?

  • What is the difference between an 'exception' and an 'exemption' under the Equal Opportunity Act?

Complaint Process

Jurisdiction of the Equal Opportunity Act

  • What is the difference between the Equal Opportunity Commission and the State Administrative Tribunal?

  • Who is excluded from making a complaint under the State legislation?

  • Can I make a claim for unfair dismissal in an industrial tribunal and under the EOA if the reasons for my dismissal include unlawful discrimination?

  • Am I able to lodge a complaint with the Commission and Fair Work Australia at the same time?


Ground - Age

Ground - Family Responsibility and Family Status

Ground - Impairment

Ground - Marital Status

Ground - Political Conviction

Ground - Pregnancy

  • Can my employer dismiss me because I am pregnant?

  • Can I be transferred to safer duties if I am pregnant?

Ground - Race and Racial Harassment

Ground - Religious Conviction

Ground - Sex

Ground - Sexual Harassment


Area - Employment

Area - Pre-employment

Area - Education

Area - Goods, Services and Facilities

Area - Accommodation

Area - Access to Places and Vehicles

Area - Clubs

Area - Sport

Area - Superannuation and Insurance

Other Grounds and Areas