Preventing Systemic Discrimination

Tools and resources

There is a range of information resources and tools to assist implementation of the the Policy Framework for Substantive Equality and for people to find out more about preventing systemic discrimination: 

Public Sector Commissioner's Circular 2009-23 (revised 01 February 2015)
Substantive equality - implementation of the Policy Framework (addressing systemic discrimination in service delivery). 

Fact Sheet: What is substantive equality?

What is substantive equality

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Guides and tools

Substantive equality in practice

Department of Housing
A review of property condition reports and associated policies, practices and procedures 2012 - summary report

Department of Housing - NIA Property Conditions Reports 2013 - Summary Report
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Department of Health
BreastScreen WA
Report on the needs and impact assessment

BSWA Needs and Impact Assessment 2009
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Department of Training and Workforce Development
WA Training Awards needs and impact assessment

WA Training Awards - Needs and Impact Assessment 2012
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Department of Planning
Review of customer service at
Whiteman Park

Department of Planning Whiteman Park Report 2011-2012
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Disability Services Commission Statewide Specialist Services
Positive Behaviour Teams

Disability Services Commission Positive Behaviour Team Substantive Equality NIA
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Equal Opportunity Commission
-How does the EOC reach Aboriginal and minority ethnic groups?

EOC Summary and recommendations 2002
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Department of Transport
Aboriginal people and ethnic minority groups accessing licensing services

Department of Transport Substantive Equality Accessing Services
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Department of Transport
Substantive Equality Implementation Plan 2015-18

SE Implementation Plan
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