Significant issues

Significant issues impacting the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity

Current and emerging issues and trends

  • The Commission has a longstanding involvement in the issue of social (including public) housing and is pleased to be part of the Housing Advisory Roundtable.  This provides the opportunity to contribute to the significant policy issues affecting those in and in need of social housing.
  • The Commission will identify ways of improving access to Commission services to the following priority groups
    • Young people
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    • People with disability
    • New and emerging communities.
  • The Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular on the Implementation of Substantive Equality is due to be reviewed at the beginning of 2018.  The Equal Opportunity Commission is keen to ensure that new agencies created through the Machinery of Government are equipped to meet the objects of the Substantive Equality framework.
  • The Commission will review the Act to determine if it is operating in the most effective way possible, taking into account trends and developments in equal opportunity law and changes in community attitudes.
2016 Aboriginal Calendar Runner Up Maddison Farmer

2016 Aboriginal Calendar Competition
Runner Up – Maddison Farmer
Gwynne Park Primary School