- Examples of what enquiries were about

Sex discrimination in goods and services

A barber shop called to ask if they could refuse to serve women who wanted a haircut.

Sex discrimination in employment

A young man applied for a casual job at a plant nursery and was told they only employed girls because they are better with customers.

Family responsibility in employment

A female teacher was returning to work after having her second child, and had her application for part time work refused.

Religious conviction in employment

A young Muslim chiropractor was distressed because her employer told her she could not stop work for 10 minutes each afternoon to pray.

Pregnancy in employment

A young apprentice hairdresser had her employment terminated when the employer found she was pregnant.

Examples of enquiries outside jurisdiction

Gender identity in education

A mother of a nine year old transgender child said the child’s school was insisting on using the Childs former name on the school report and insisting on  labelling her as “he”.

(Note: the Gender History provision can only be used by a person who has a certificate confirming they have undergone gender re-assignment surgery – enquiry referred to Australian Human Rights Commission)

Bullying at work

A women working in a boarding house of a private school was subject to name calling and bullying.

(Note: Bullying is not a ground of unlawful discrimination. This matter was referred to the FairWork Commission and Work safe)

Racial harassment

A member of a sporting club called to say Indian members of the club were upset by non Indian members who were circulating an email which denigrated Indian people.

(Note: Racial harassment only unlawful in employment, education and accommodation. Clubs are outside jurisdiction)