Complaints referred to the State Administrative Tribunal

Where a complaint has not been resolved, a case report is provided to the Commissioner by the conciliation officer.  The Commissioner may then refer a complaint to the Tribunal.

Referral of complaints to the Tribunal can occur in one of two ways.

  1. Referral by the Commissioner under section 93 of the Act, where:
    • The complaint cannot be resolved by conciliation
    • Attempts to resolve the complaint by conciliation have been unsuccessful
    • The Commissioner is of the opinion the nature of the complaint is such that the matter should be referred to the Tribunal.
  2. Referral under section 90 of the Act if the complaint was dismissed, and at the request of the complainant.

The Commissioner must provide assistance if requested by complainants whose matters have been referred to the Tribunal under section 93 of the Act. This is generally done by assigning one of the Commission’s legal officers to assist the complainant. Complainants whose matters have been dismissed by the Commissioner receive no assistance.

Of the complaints referred to the Tribunal under section 93 of the Act, 50.0% were finalised with the assistance of the Commission’s legal officers, 33.3% were withdrawn and 16.7% were discontinued.

The legal officers’ day to day activities include assessing the potential complaints of unlawful discrimination lodged with the Commission, providing advice to the Commissioner and conciliation officers regarding complaints under investigation, and preparing responses to exemption applications lodged in the Tribunal.

The legal officers also prepare submissions on equal opportunity and human rights issues to both state and federal inquiries, review the Commission’s publications, and draft ministerial correspondence in relation to legal matters.

From time to time legal officers provide advice and guidance to the State Government agencies in relation to issues such as recruiting and retaining staff using measures intended to achieve equality exceptions under the Act.

Legal officers also make presentations on the application of the Act to employers, tertiary institutions, community organisations, government agencies and others.