Performance management framework

The Commissioner for Equal Opportunity’s Performance Management Framework is consistent with the Government’s goal of Strong Communities: Safe communities and supported families.

The Commission’s work is informed by the statutory obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984, and the activities undertaken in 2018-19 are reported in this section. The Equal Opportunity Commission delivers services through its two outcome areas:

Service 1: Provision of information and advice regarding equal opportunity and human rights 

  • Dissemination of relevant and appropriate information on the Equal Opportunity Act 1984, other relevant laws and human rights issues generally.
  • Provision of accurate advice on equal opportunity matters.
  • Identification of discriminatory policies and practices.

Service 2: Avenue of redress for unlawful discrimination and unreasonable treatment 

  • Investigating and attempting to conciliate complaints that fall within the jurisdiction of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and other legislation administered by the Commissioner and providing assistance to complainants referred to the Tribunal by the Commissioner.

Changes to outcome based management framework

The Commission’s outcome based management framework did not change during 2018-19.

Shared responsibilities with other agencies

The Commission did not share any responsibilities with other agencies in 2018-19.


Outcome based management framework