Operational structure

In 2016-17 the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity delivered services through the following functions:

Office of the Commissioner

Provides legal advice and assistance to the Commissioner and staff, complainants in the State Administrative Tribunal (Tribunal), and to the Minister and government agencies, as required.

Policy and evaluation
Assists the Commissioner in the development and oversight of policy, information management systems, submissions and reports, community engagement, general reporting and compliance functions, community awareness and acceptance of the Act.

Develops and disseminates public information in the form of publication media releases, e-bulletins, social media, the Commission’s website and public events.

Commission Services

Conciliation services
Investigates and attempts to conciliate allegations of unlawful discrimination in compliance with the Act.

Community education and training
Delivers rights and responsibility training to private, non-government and government organisations, as well as community engagement to build awareness of the Act and acceptance of its objects.

Commission Support
Provides the financial, human resource, compliance and administrative functions of the Commission.

Enabling legislation

The Office of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity was established in 1985 under Part VII, Division I of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 as amended, and under the provisions of the Public Sector Management Act 1984.

The Commissioner for Equal Opportunity is appointed by the Governor and is the Accountable Officer under the Financial Management Act 2006.

The Act promotes equality of opportunity in Western Australia and provides remedies in respect of discrimination on the grounds and areas specified.

Responsible Minister

The Hon John R Quigley LLB JP MLA, Attorney General.