- PSC on Trans inclusivity

Joint forum with PSC on Trans inclusivity

Following the Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture, Acting Commissioner Jenni Perkins and the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment, Rebecca Harris, agreed to work together to develop the LGBTI capacity of the WA public sector.

This was deemed particularly important as state public sector workers are excluded from the general protection provided under the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984, and the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 only provides protection for people who have received a recognition certificate under the Gender Reassignment Act 2000. 

As a first step, the panel from Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture were invited to present at a WA public sector seminar on Trans Inclusivity which was held at the Public Sector Commission’s training centre. Two additional panelists were invited, Robyn Edwards from the WA Police and UWA Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Kent Anderson.

Panelists described the promotion of sexual and gender diversity in their workplaces and noted transgender people commonly experience significant levels of discrimination in their personal lives and at work.

Discrimination at work included not having their expressed gender acknowledged, being compelled to disclose private information, and missing out on employment opportunities.

UWA Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Kent Anderson described the university’s success in promoting LGBTI diversity and inclusion, and his personal participation in the ALLY program to champion LGBTI issues in the workplace.


PSC Transgender Seminar

From left Robyn Edwards, WA Police, Manager Architecture, Radio and Electronic Services Unit, Acting Commissioner Allan Macdonald, Director of Equal Opportunity and Public Employment Rebecca Harris, and audience members.