- LGBTI Initiatives

The Commission has worked in partnership with government and community organisations on LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex) issues over the past few years.

Feedback from public sector organisations suggested there was an unmet need to raise awareness of LGBTI issues in the public sector and in the general community. In response, the Commission has worked with the WA Public Sector Commission to examine ways to most effectively raise awareness and develop strategies to improve retention of staff who identify as sexually or gender diverse. 

Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture - Creating transgender inclusive workspaces

On 17 May 2017, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHoT), the Commission and UWA jointly organised the 5th Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture.  The lecture was co-sponsored by the Public Sector Commission.

Ms Lake was a student at UWA, and an intern at the Commission working on LGBTI issues, when she unexpectedly died at age 21.  The partnership with UWA on this annual memorial lecture was formed to build on Isabelle’s passionate work for the rights and recognition of those who transition or who identify outside the gender binary. 

The theme for IDAHoT day this year was Families, so the Commission and UWA aimed to create awareness about transgender and intersex issues in relation to families by inviting transgender man AJ Kearns to share his inspirational story about how he postponed his transition to give birth to his and his former partner’s second child.

The event was attended by about 160 people and feedback included.

“AJ was a powerful speaker, I cried.”

“It was great to hear AJ’s story...it provided great insight into the struggles that gender diverse people still face in today’s society and how we can help change.”


AJ Kearns with Isabelle Lake's father Bruce

Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture

AJ Kearns with Isabelle Lake’s father Bruce

Gender neutral toilets

The Commission’s toilets are gender neutral as part of our transgender inclusive initiative