- LGBTI Initiatives

The Commission has worked in partnership with government and community organisations on LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex) issues.

This included a project, reported on last year, jointly worked on by the Department of Education, the Catholic Education office, the Independent Schools Association and LGBTI organisations, to develop guidelines on managing LGBTI issues in WA schools.

Subsequently, community consultation and feedback from public sector organisations suggested there was an unmet need to raise awareness of LGBTI issues in the public sector and in the general community.

LGBTI Human Rights Forum

On the 17 November the Commission and PRIDE WA jointly organised a public forum at which the key note speaker was Ms Rowena Allen, Victorian Commissioner for Gender & Sexuality.

Participants proposed as an outcome of the forum, the establishment of a broad based LGBTI peak body. The forum also encouraged the Commission to support LGBTI groups in working for legislative and social change.

Subsequently, an outcome of this forum was the establishment of the LGBTI peak group, ‘Rainbow Rights’, which the EOC convened the inaugural meeting.

Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture - Creating transgender inclusive workspaces

On 5 April, the Commission and UWA jointly organized the 4th Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture. Ms Lake was a student at UWA, and was an intern at the Commission working on LGBTI issues, when she unexpectedly died at age of 21. The partnership with UWA on this annual memorial lecture was formed to build on Isabelle’s inspirational work for the rights and recognition of those who transition or who identify outside the gender binary. 

The aim of this year’s memorial lecture was to identify strategies for creating transgender inclusive workspaces, and discuss best practices for preventing discrimination against transgender employees.  Instead of a lecture format, a panel discussion was employed.  The panellist included speakers who had developed and implemented workplace policies to support LGBTI employees and including those who were transitioning. 

Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture

Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture

  • Debbie Mills, Bankwest, General Manager Customer Delivery Enterprise Services
  • Jenni Perkins, Acting Commissioner for Equal Opportunity
  • Amanda Greenland, WA Police HR Business Manager
  • Natalie Morris, WA Police Equity Coordinator
  • Allan Macdonald, Equal Opportunity Commission, Senior Legal Officer
  • Adam Wright, UWA, Senior Web Developer
  • Dr Duc Dau,  Panel facilitator