- CEOs for Gender Equity

Eighteen of Western Australia’s most influential CEOs launched the CEOs for Gender Equity initiative at Government House in December 2014.

The Commission in 2012 prompted the formation of the inaugural group of CEOs which has since grown to representing CEOs from the corporate, not for profit and government sectors.

CEOs for Gender Equity aims to grow awareness of gender inequality and the ramifications of its existence, plus set an example for other heads of enterprises who want to bring about change within their organisations.

Members identified three priority areas – promoting pay equity, promoting job equity, and supporting advocacy to address broader systemic issues relating to childcare and STEM subjects for girls.

A review was conducted in 2015 which recommended that the group be continued under the auspices of the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Following the restructure, members have contributed funds to enable the appointment of an Executive Director (Ms Tania Cecconi). 

A webpage is being developed, and new members are being recruited.

Chris Sutherland, CEO from Programmed, is the current chair.