- In Two Minds

The Equal Opportunity Commission and Strictly Hypothetical teamed up to present an interactive hypothetical event titled In Two Minds: brains bias and business as usual to mark both International Day of People with Disability and Human Rights Day.

Panellists Mental Health Advocate and Consumer Consultant Andrew Markovs, Co-Director of This Working Life Julie Loveny, Psychologist and Director of Vital Conversations Peta Slocombe, Mental health peer worker, writer and comedian Michelle Woods and Crisis Support Services Manager at Lifeline WA David Kelly, discussed the hypothetical scenario of twins Amy and Jamie, who experience mental health issues that impact differently on their careers.

Acting Commissioner Byrne said the event addressed the issue of workplace bias in an entertaining and engaging way.

“The panellists portrayed their roles in the fictional scenario with such consideration and humour you could see the audience invested in the lives of Amy and Jamie and the outcome of the story.

“The hypothetical method is a marvellous way of getting the message across that impairment discrimination in the workplace is not only terrible for the person discriminated against, but also bad business for the employer,” Dr Byrne said.



Dr John Byrne with panellists and Strictly Hypothetical’s Elisa Williams and Katrina Berkov