- Empowering women in the workplace

The Anna Stewart Memorial Program aims to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of women union members, empowering them to be actively involved in the workplace.

In September the Commission delivered a presentation as part of this program. Titled Dealing with gurglers, gropers and grannies the presentation focussed on common obstacles women face in the workplace.

Recent research undertaken by the Australian Human Rights Commission found 49 per cent of mothers reported experiencing discrimination in the workplace at some point during pregnancy, parental leave or on return to work and one in four women have experienced workplace sexual harassment in the last five years.

The audience was provided with information on equal opportunity laws, indirect and direct discrimination and how to lodge a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission.

The course aimed to assist women who were union delegates understand work place rights, and in doing so have better tools to deal with discrimination and harassment in the workplace.