- Helping architects build barriers to sex discrimination

Senior Legal Officer, Allan Macdonald and Commission Services Manager Diana MacTiernan spoke to a group of 80 professional women and students in the building industry at an Australian Institute of Architects forum Work Women Wisdom – Times Up.

Allan and Diana spoke about sexual harassment and sex discrimination laws in the workplace.

“As with many fields, the number of women working in the field of architecture has increased; however, women are still under represented at higher paid senior levels,” Diana said.

She said the event was a great opportunity to sit down with women architects to listen to their issues and discuss their rights in a relaxed forum.

She encouraged other women’s groups to organise industry-based events with the aim of raising awareness about issues of sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

“We have seen highly effective awareness raising campaigns come out of the entertainment industry with the Me Too and Times Up campaigns, however we know that harassment and discrimination aren’t confined to any one industry.

“Understanding your rights and talking about your issues in a safe environment is the first step to changing workplace policies and practises,” she said.