- Discussing race complaints at the Commission

Commission Legal Officer Jeff Rosales-Castaneda conducted a training session in June 2018 for Aboriginal advocacy groups on unlawful race discrimination under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

Mr Rosales-Castaneda started the session by explaining the difference between discrimination, and unfairness.

“Discrimination is usually unfair; however, unfairness is not always discriminatory.  For discrimination to be unlawful, it needs to be covered by the Equal Opportunity Act 1984,” he said.

Mr Rosales-Castaneda provided an outline of previous race discrimination complaints, explained the burden of proof and evidentiary standards, who could be respondents to complaints, elements of direct and indirect discrimination, how to prepare a complaint and what could be learnt from past race discrimination complaints.

 “We receive a lot of race discrimination complaints from Aboriginal people especially in the areas of accommodation and goods and services.

By educating Aboriginal advocacy groups about race discrimination issues at the Commission, we simply make the process more streamlined for complainants, respondents and the Commission,” he said.