Substantive equality

The Commission‘s role under the Policy Framework for Substantive Equality is primarily to develop and deliver education and training courses to support agencies in understanding and addressing systemic discrimination as stated in the framework.

Since the cessation of the dedicated unit in 2014, the ambition has been to have three information sessions each calendar year for relevant agencies. One session was held in August 2017 on appropriate forms of consultation for people with disabilities and seniors.  The café-style format included an address from the peak associations. Participants then discussed how the issues raised by the speakers could be reasonably carried out in their agencies.

The Commission also joined with the Department of Health and the Office of Multicultural Interests to co host a session for 90 health professionals on the need to capture accurate data for client profiles and to assist in service delivery.

The Commission also offers the course “Fair Go for Your Clients” as part of its calendar of public courses which is open to mandated agencies and other agencies in the sector as well as non-government service providers. 

Where potential issues of systemic discrimination have been brought to the attention of the Commission, the Acting Commissioner has written to and met with senior officers of the relevant agency to discuss how the issues may be addressed.