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WA Equal Opportunity Commission reminds woman of breast feeding and pumping rights

Seven West Media | July 19, 2018
child breastfeeding
Breast feeding, bottle feeding and expressing breast milk is covered by discrimination laws in Australia

The WA Equal Opportunity Commission has reminded women of their rights after a Perth mum claimed she was escorted out of a northern suburbs shopping centre's parents’ room while expressing breast milk.

Natalie Cramp was at Lakeside Shopping Centre on Tuesday when she said another mother complained about her to security because she was using the facility without a baby.

The shopping centre posted an apology on its Facebook page this morning after being bombarded with complaints, but insisted Mrs Cramp was at no stage escorted out or asked to leave the centre.


WA Equal Opportunity Commission senior legal officer Allan Macdonald said it was perfectly legal for woman to breast feed and pump in public.

Natalie Cramp says another mother complained about her to security because she was using a parenting room without a baby.

“Under the (WA) Equal Opportunity Act and the (federal) Sex Discrimination Act it’s unlawful for a person that provides access to a place like a shopping centre to discriminate against a person on the grounds that they are breast feeding a baby,” he told Sunrise.

Mr Macdonald said if Ms Cramp wanted to pursue the matter she was entitled to lodge a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Ms Cramp posted about the incident on the Perth Mums Facebook page on Wednesday and the post has since received more than 700 comments.

The Equal Opportunity Commission’s reminder comes a day after West Australian model Nicole Trunfio revealed an Instagram video of her pumping breastmilk in a car – with the caption “the not so glam part (amongst many) of being a mother.”

The hashtag #NormalizeBreastfeeding, which she uses on her Instagram profile, has been used almost 700,000 times by Instagram users and clicking on the hashtag features posts from mothers all over the world celebrating their ability to breastfeed.