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AJ Kearns shares the story of his pregnancy for IDAHOT

by EOC | May 15, 2017

AJ Kearns will share the remarkable story of his pregnancy and transition at the UWA University Club for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia this year.


Speaking at the annual Isabelle Lake Memorial Lecture on 17 May co-hosted by the Commission and UWA, AJ will tell the audience about how his decision to transition, and then postpone his transition to give birth to his second child, shaped his life.


His address will be illustrated by Inverto, a photographic exhibition by artist Alison Bennett, documenting his pregnancy and transition.


AJ said he wanted the exhibition to challenge people on what gender meant by breaking down the gender stereotypes that trapped us into specific roles, as well as provide hope to others who wanted to transition.


“When I was thinking about my own journey, and how it would be fairly unique, I felt that it was important to document that in some way; to show other trans guys that they could do this, and they could do it however they needed too,” he said.


AJ said it was important to share his story because there was still a lot that was not understood about the trans community.


“I think that the biggest misconception is that life after medical transition is magically completely fine, easy.


“I will always be transgender, my unique life experience will always colour my view of the world and my differences will always make life more difficult than it needs to be until the world catches up and changes the many hurdles that we still face, legally, medically, socially.”


AJ said he hoped his address would help increase awareness about people who were transitioning or had transitioned.


“I think that my story can shine a light onto the fact that transgender people are here, we exist, and we can live our lives in unique and beautiful ways,” he said.





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