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WA sexual harassment complaints almost double in two years

October 24, 2016
sexual harassment image Perth Now 24 Oct 2016
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Sexual harassment complaints have been increasing in WA over the past two years, a trend confirmed in the 2015-16 Annual report of the Equal Opportunity Commission.

An article published in Perth Now outlines the increase in these complaints and spoke with our Acting Commissioner Diana MacTiernan, who explained West Australians were becoming more aware of what is unacceptable behavior and more willing to speak out.


“I think people more readily recognise that it is wrong and are prepared, a bit more, to say, ‘Stop, I don’t feel comfortable with you doing that at all’,” Ms MacTiernan said.

“But a lot of times people get caught off guard when it occurs and are not quite sure how to react.”

Ms MacTiernan said dialogue was key to fighting sexual harassment in the workplace.

“Despite your own personal values, you have to prescribe to the values of the organisation. The organisation needs to be very clear about its values and what is expected of staff,” she said.

More details about complaints to the WA Equal Opportunity Commission are available in the 2015-16 Annual Report http://www.eoc.wa.gov.au/publications/annual-reports/annual-report-2013-14/provision-of-redress-new