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CEOs for Gender Equity new website

October 11, 2016
CEOs for Gender Equity Logo
18 of Western Australia's most influential CEOs from the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors.

The CEOs for Gender Equity has a new website brimming with resources, information, news and events about closing the gender gap in WA.

Initiated by the EOC in 2012, CEOs for Gender Equity is now led by 18 of Western Australia’s most influential CEOs from the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors.   

“We have equal opportunity laws in place at state and federal level, so it is clear that our nation supports equality for both women and men in employment and education. But this is not yet reflected in reality,” explains Allanah Lucas, Commissioner for Equal Opportunity WA.

“What we really need now is a shift in workplace culture to continue building upon such principles. This shift starts at an executive level where people in an organisation look to their leaders for direction and inspiration.”

Allanah makes the analogy that an organisation’s culture is like a tapestry. The coloured threads drawn from different fabrics symbolize the people and the CEOs are like the weavers that create that tapestry for their organisation. Although they may start with a traditional framework, techniques can be applied to create a culture which reflects an effective and meaningful workforce for the community it serves.

“It would be a powerful change to ensure women and girls feel empowered to use their abilities in diverse ways, supported by the leaders of industries and sectors throughout our society. We would not be wasting the talent of half our population! This shift in thinking is needed economically as well as socially. That is why I believe that CEOs are the people that must take the lead on gender equality.”

“The CEOs for Gender Equity promotes the leadership commitment and example that Western Australia requires, to increase female participation in positions of influence and also to decrease the gender pay gap. CEOs in particular need to be strongly representing this objective, and as a public sector CEO I am very proud to be amongst a group of dedicated and active CEOs for Gender Equity from all sectors,” affirmed Allanah.