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Pregnancy discrimination persistent

Equal Opportunity Commission | September 18, 2014
Allanah Lucas with Liz Broderick
Allanah Lucas with Commissioner for Sex Discrimination, Elizabeth Broderick in Perth

WA Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Allanah Lucas welcomed Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner to a WA community forum on the report of the National review of pregnancy and return to work.

The Report found that 1 in 2 Australian women experienced discrimination in employment related to their pregnancy, their parental leave or their return to work following parental leave.  Even fathers taking parental leave experienced high levels of unfair treatment. Only 9% of these women made formal complaints, often for fear of victimisation or job loss. 

In the Review Report Elizabeth Broderick identified four critical areas of change required: 

  1. Provision of comprehensive, accurate information to employers and parents about their responsbilities and rights
  2. Developing organisational cultures which value flexible working practices as the norm.
  3. Strengthening the legal framework to protect against discrimination and provide clarity on employer obligations.
  4. Ongoing monitoring and research.

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