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Human rights learning for students at the EOC

Equal Opportunity Commission | September 18, 2014
Kathy Digwood with students
Students at the EOC

18 September, 2014
Year 10 students from the Australian Islamic College approached the Equal Opportunity Commission for a discussion about the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and the challenges faced in dealing with unlawful discrimination.The students are pictured with their teacher and Kathy Digwood Manager of the EOC Conciliation Section

Kathy and Allan McDonald senior legal officer spoke with the students and answered their many challenging questions. It was delightful to see such well informed and enthusiastic interest in a whole range of human rights issues.  

The rights of young people in employment were of particular interest. The majority of complaints received by the Commission are in the area of employment. The girls discussed how the Act can impact on their lives and the lives of others.