Feedback and Complaints about Equal Opportunity Commission Services

Feedback on our services    

The Equal Opportunity Commission welcomes your feedback on the services we provide, whether you wish to compliment us on a positive experience, offer a suggestion to improve, or advise us that you were not satisfied. We are committed to using your feedback to develop better services.

The form below is designed as a simple way to provide feedback and can be submitted online. Alternatively, you may provide feedback by a letter or email.

Send written feedback by post or hand to:

The Equal Opportunity Commission
Level 2, Westralia Square
141 St Georges Terrace
PERTH  WA  6000

By Email:
By Fax:  9216 3960

This form, letters or emails can be lodged in a language other than English. If you have a disability that makes it difficult to fill out the form or provide written information, the Commission may assist you. An Interpreter can be arranged on request.


We will handle your complaint in accordance with our Customer Service Charter. An Equal Opportunity Commission manager will investigate the complaint. Issues raised are kept confidential and discussed only with the people who need to be involved.

We will confirm receipt of your complaint promptly and respond to complaints within 20 working days. If a delay is likely, we will update you on the progress of your complaint. Once the investigation is completed, you will be informed of the outcome, any action taken and the reason for any decisions made. You may advise us at any stage that you wish to discontinue the complaint. There is no fee for lodging a complaint. 

What to include in a complaint

To help us address your complaint, please provide details such as:

  • The issue you are complaining about
  • How it has affected you
  • Dates, places and people involved
  • Details of any telephone conversations and/or meetings
  • What you have done to try to resolve the issue
  • The outcome you are seeking.


Generally we can only deal with complaints from the person personally affected. However, if you are unable to act for yourself or would like someone else to represent you, we may accept a complaint from a legal or other adviser, a family member or other personal representative. We may ask you to confirm in writing that you agree to the representative acting on your behalf.

Taking a complaint further

If after dealing with us you are not satisfied with the outcome , or you have a complaint that you do not wish to raise directly with the Equal Opportunity Commission, you may refer the matter to the Ombudsman Western Australia. Information including contact details for the Ombudsman may be obtained by visiting the Ombudsman website

Feedback on our services