Conciliation Process

Resolving complaints

Conciliation helps both parties clarify what the complaint is about, and which points are in dispute. It means the parties sitting down with a conciliator, and talking things through. Sometimes, when a complaint is brought to the attention of the other party, resolution is swift and apologies readily given. In other cases, the conciliation process does not work.

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A complaint form is available here Complaint Form

Will you be victimised if you make a complaint?

It is against the law for anyone to threaten, harass or subject a person to a detriment because they have made a complaint or intend to make a complaint under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984. This protection is also afforded to anyone giving evidence about a complaint.

Interim orders

The rights and status of complainants and respondents may need to be protected while a complaint is being investigated.  In such circumstances the State Administrative Tribunal may make an Interim Order.

See Interim Orders for more details and how to apply.