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Complete the form below to submit your complaint online.  You can outline the details and attach any relevant documents.

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt, followed by advice whether your complaint is within the jurisdiction of the Commission and how it will proceed.  A complaint under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 needs to have a ground and relevant area of public life as outlined below.

You may lodge a complaint in a language other than English on any of our forms.  We will arrange for translation.

Note: You must lodge your complaint within 12 months of the discrimination. If your complaint is more than 12 months old, it will only be investigated if you can satisfy the Commissioner that there is good cause why it should be investigated.

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For further information please contact the Commission on (08) 9216 3900, 1800 198 149 (country landline callers only) or TTY (telephone typewriter) 9216 3936, or visit the website

Further information

Witnesses: Are there other people who can help with the investigation?

Please attach copies of any documents that may help us with our investigation, such as doctor’s certificates, records of conversations, letters or advertisements.
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Survey of Complainants

Purpose of the Survey: By answering the following short questions, you will help the Commission evaluate its services and make changes or modifications to make them better. 
Confidentiality: You will not be identified in any data collected or published by the Commission.

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Other ways to submit a complaint

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If you prefer you can:

Download the editable pdf. 
Equal Opportunity Commission Complaint Form 

Obtain a hard copy of the Complaint Form by
contacting our enquiry line.

Send the completed form to
The Equal Opportunity Commission
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