Age is not a use by date

Survey and consultations

In 2016 the Commission made a commitment to focus on young and older Western Australians as
 part of its Strategic Plan 2017-19

At the beginning of the 2018-19 financial year the Commission determined to undertake a project to get a better understanding of what areas seniors in WA considered they were subject to discrimination.  As part of the project the Commission conducted an online survey and consultations with seniors representative groups including COTA (the Council on the Ageing), AdvoCare Inc, Department of Communities, Seniors’ Housing Advisory Centre, City of Melville, Umbrella Community Care, Older Persons Rights Group (Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre), Ethnic Communities Council and Legal Aid WA to ascertain what impacts discrimination had on people in WA over the age of 55 and how best to address these issues.

The results of those consultations and the survey has allowed the Commission to plan targeted outreach and education for this group, which it will undertake throughout the 2018-19 financial year.


Age is not a use by date - A snapshot of the experiences of discrimination among Western Australia's seniors

This snapshot has been developed by the Equal Opportunity Commission to better understand the impacts of age, and other types of discrimination, on people living in WA over the age of 55.
It captures responses from a state-wide survey, as well as consultations with seniors' representative organisations in WA.

The snapshot, released during Senior’s Week, documents the findings of consultations with seniors’ representative organisations and a state-wide survey of Western Australians over the age of 55.

Seniors and seniors’ organisations both reported greater impact on seniors where age discrimination intersected with other types of discrimination, such as race, sex and impairment.

 Findings showed mature aged women seem particularly vulnerable in their post working life due to not having accumulated sufficient superannuation or assets to support themselves.

The Commission believes discrimination occurs against older people from our enquiries line and engaging people through our regular community outreach programs; however generally this group is less likely to lodge a formal complaint.

This is partly because the onus of proof is on the complainant. Many seniors reported they felt ignored or ‘invisible’ at work and when receiving goods and services, and it is very hard to prove this is because of their age.

Age is not a use by date
Age is not a use by date

Cover shot Age is not a use by date