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Commissioner congratulates publican for apology

by Commissioner for Equal Opportunity | Mar 05, 2014

Acting Commissioner for Equal Opportunity Allanah Lucas was very pleased to hear that the Coolgardie publican accused of barring service to indigenous people had apologised for her actions at the hotel.

Acting Commissioner Allanah Lucas said that it was disappointing to hear of the actions of a Coolgardie publican who had an I phone stolen and so barred service to indigenous people until it was returned.

“It is sad that this type of action appears to still be happening today.  A lot of work has been done in the community on education on race discrimination and human rights. It shows there still a big need for this. People do things out often out of ignorance and they can cause a lot of hurt and humiliation that has lasting effects and consequences.

“The actions of the publican could come under the definition of racial discrimination as defined under the Equal Opportunity Act WA, and it may be investigated if a complaint was made” said Ms Lucas.

Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against because of their race can lodge a complaint with the Commission.”
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