Publications and related resources

Publications and related documents


  • Finding a place: An inquiry into the existence of discriminatory practices in relation to the provision of public housing and related services to Aboriginal people in Western Australia - report 2004 (pdf)
  • Finding a place: Final report - 2011(pdf) (Word)


DHW Action Plan DHW Progress in implementing Key themes

EOC updates

Aboriginal Housing Joint Statement Housing Inquiry update (October 2009)
Housing Investigation Update 3 (March 6, 2007)
Housing Investigation Update 2 (May, 2006)
Housing Investing Update 1 (September, 2005)


  • Recommendations directly taken up by DHW (2005)
  • Joint Statement by Department of Housing and Works & Equal Opportunity Commission (June 23, 2006)
  • EOC/Shelter WA Indigenous Forum on Housing Strategy Discussion Draft (February, 2006)

    More than 20 stakeholders met at the EOC on Thursday 9 February 2006 to gather input from organisations and individuals involved with Indigenous housing in WA, in response to the Housing Strategy WA Discussion Draft. This strategy, once finalised, will have implications for the Western Australian housing system over the next 20-25 years. Input received from this forum and earlier meetings was submitted 28 Feb 06 to the Office of Policy and Planning, Department of Housing and Works.

State Housing Strategy: EOC Sumbission - One page summary
State Housing Strategy: EOC Sumbission - Executive summary
State Housing Strategy: Letter of response
State Housing Strategy: Feedback forum
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