Courses - standard

The Equal Opportunity Commission conducts a suite of standard courses which are provided on a regular basis throughout the year. 

They are designed to deliver the knowledge and skills to people who are working to implement the requirements of the equal employment opportunity and equitable delivery of services in their organisations, in particular to ensure compliance with the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and related legislation.

These courses are open to anyone to apply and provide networking opportunities across organisations and industries. 

A list of current courses available to download in pdf for Training Calendar July to December 2019 with information on how to register, or see the EOC Calendar of courses and events.

The courses are detailed below.

Terms and conditions as set out below apply.

Current course details

  • Introduction to equal opportunity law

  • Equal opportunity essentials for managers and supervisors

  • Contact officer role

  • Equity grievance officer role

  • Equal opportunity law and workplace culture

  • Contact officer refresher or Equity grievance officer refresher

  • Positive workplace culture

  • Recruitment and selection: Are you getting it right?

  • Sexual harassment - Know where the line is

  • Fair go for your clients - addressing systemic discrimination

  • Addressing systemic discrimination in the delivery of your services

Courses terms & conditions

  • Cost schedule for individuals registering for calendar courses 2019/2020 financial year

  • Course venue (Calendar courses - metropolitan only)

  • Terms & conditions