Strategic plan

The Commission's Strategic Plan provides guidance to the Commission on priorities and activities in the implementation of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and aligns the Commission with the appropriate government-wide goals.

Government Goal

Greater focus on achieving results in key service delivery areas for the benefit of all Western Australians

The EOC Vision

A society respectful of human rights and free from discrimination and prejudice.

The EOC Mission

Lead in the elimination of discrimination and build a community that reflects and promotes equality of opportunity and human rights.

Priority Service Area 1

Provision of information and advice regarding equal opportunity and human rights

Service description

  • Dissemination of relevant and appropriate information on the Equal Opportunity Act 1984, other relevant laws and human rights issues generally, 
  • provision of accurate advice on equal opportunity matters, and the 
  • identification of discriminatory policies and practices.


  • Substantive equality
  • Policy advice, investigation and research
  • Education, training and community engagement


  • Address underlying causes of discrimination
  • Increase interest and understanding of equality of opportunity and human rights within workplace, educational institutions, service providers and communities
  • Community groups utilising the principles of equality of opportunity and human rights
  • Public sector policies and practices free from systemic discrimination


  • The extent to which workplaces, educational institutions, service providers and communities are made aware of and implement the principles of equality of opportunity and human rights within their policies and practices
  • Identify and investigate underlying causes of discrimination and monitor any recommendations for change.

Priority Service Area 2

Avenue of redress for unlawful discrimination and unreasonable treatment

Service description

  • Investigating and attempting to conciliate complaints that fall within the jurisdiction of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and other legislation administered by the Commissioner, and providing assistance to complainants referred to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT)


  • Provision of an effective investigation and conciliation service
  • provision of effective legal advice and representation


  • An accessible and impartial investigation and conciliation service for all parties involved in the complaint process
  • Detailed and timely advice to the Commissioner and government including assistance to complainants in the SAT


  • Resolution of complaints within structured timeframes
  • Legal assistance provided by the Commission in meeting complainants' needs, when referred to the SAT.