Disability access and inclusion plan

The Equal Opportunity Commission has developed a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Disability Services Act 1993 (as amended). 

The plan ensures people with disabilities, their families and carers are able to fully access the Commission's range of services, information and facilities.

The Commission's plan was updated in consultation with stakeholders and is available to the community.

The plan contains strategies the Commission will implement to address six outcomes:

  • Services
  • Events
  • Building and facilities
  • Information 
  • Complaints mechanisms, and
  • Consultation processes.

For people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as others to participate in community life it is important that the services and facilities provided to the community address the access requirements.

The Commission is committed to developing and maintaining effective inclusive policies, practices and structures to ensure people with disabilities, their families and carers are able to fully access the range of the Commission’s services and facilities.

The Commission acknowledges its responsibilities with regard to the standards contained in State (Disability Services Act 1993 and Equal Opportunity Act 1984) and Commonwealth (Disability Discrimination Act 1992) legislation.

You can access a copy of the Equal Opportunity Commission's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) here in
 pdf Download pdf (708 KB) or  Download doc (180 KB)


Reporting a Commission access issue

The Commission welcomes your feedback and suggestions about our DAIP and, you may also wish to provide us with feedback on specific access issues you have encountered with our services, information or facilities. 

To let us know, go to our General Feedback page and choose the Disability Access and Inclusion option to tell us about your experiences. Or print the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Feedback Form and send it to us by post or email.