The Commissioner for Equal Opportunity publishes a range of information about equal opportunity and human rights.  These are available to the community at no cost, and can be downloaded from the website or ordered online, or by phone or email.

  • Fact Sheets: on all grounds of discrimination in the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 as well as our suite of Fact Sheets on Challenging sexuality and gender based bullying in schools and the complaints process 
  • Aboriginal publications: The Commission's Reconciliation Action Plan, and other resources for Aboriginal people
  • Reviews and reports: A selection of reviews and reports undertaken by the Commission
  • Posters: the commission has a range of posters for display about discrimination and harassment
  • Equal Opportunity Commissioner's e-bulletin
  • Annual Reports:  From 2002 to current Annual Reports can be accessed
  • Substantive equality guides, reports and general information about Substantive Equality 

All of these are available free, and we hope you will share them, subject to normal copyright provisions.